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Lefteris Lazarou

The chef

The first greek chef to ever be awarded with a Michelin star, Lefteris Lazarou is known for his creative cooking and seafood dishes. Born and raised in Piraeus, following this course of life was always meant for him. The turning-point in his career was the time he spent on boats cooking for people of different cultures, managing to customize Greek cuisine to fit their particular taste and nutritional habits. He has traveled to many different countries and was initiated to multiple national cuisines. During the past few years, Lefteris Lazarou has visited Argentina, Japan, U.S.A., as well as many European capitals in order to contribute to the promotion of Greek cuisine. In the United States of America he taught the Greek Cuisine in the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). In 2002 Lefteris Lazarou and his restaurant was awarded a Michelin Star, making him a worthy member of the international chef elite.

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Lefteris Lazarou The Chef

Lefteris Lazarou

daria Owner and Project Manager

Daria Ponomareva

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Marios Mesimeris